Salsa, tango, waltz, hip-hop ...anything goes!

When should we start learning our first dance?

We recommend learning your first dance at least a month or two before your wedding day. However, we have worked with couples who have contacted us 2 weeks before their wedding and we have successfully choreographed and taught a completely choreographed first dance in this time. As long as we have availability we will do our very best to schedule in lesson times convenient to you.

How many lessons will we need?

We offer two first wedding dance packages, designed specifically for two very different services. If you want to learn a fully choreographed dance from beginning to end, we recommend our Main First Dance Package.  Our Basic Steps Package is designed for those who just want a little guidance in learning a few simple steps with your first dance song choice in mind.

How should our 3 hours of tuition be broken up?

We recommend splitting up the sessions into two 1.5 hour block lessons allowing you time between the sessions to practise the steps. If your time is very limited, we have successfully completed entire wedding first dances in one 3 hour lesson. We recognise that there is a lot of planning involved in the weeks running up to the big day and we will do our very best to work around you.

How far apart should we schedule our lessons?

We recommend having the lessons at least 1-2 weeks apart. This allows time for you to work on the choreography you have already learnt and come to your next lesson having mastered the first section/s!

Do we need to have any dance experience?

No! Most of the couples we work with are complete beginners. Even if you think you have two left feet, we will do our very best to have you gliding around that dance floor with confidence by the end of your lessons!

What song should we choose?

If you have chosen a song or have narrowed your selection down to a few songs we can certainly advise what might work best choreographically but ultimately, your first dance song choice is yours.  It is important that you LIKE (or preferably love!) the song you have chosen. Choosing your first dance song is a very personal thing so take the time to really think about a piece of music that you both love or a song that means something to the two of you.

What style of dance should we learn?

The style of dance you learn is usually determined by your chosen first dance song/music.  If you would like to include a specific style or movement, please do let us know. We recently choreographed a first dance for a couple who wanted to include the use of an umbrella in their first dance (their first dance was the Manic Street Preacher's version of 'Umbrella') ...anything goes!

What should we wear?

While learning your dance, we advise that you wear loose fitting clothing or whatever you feel comfortable dancing in.  We usually suggest that on your final lesson you try the routine a few times through in the shoes that you will be wearing on your wedding day to allow you to get used to dancing in them. We also always ask the bride about her dress and will choreograph the routine with the dress design in mind.

Where are the first dance lessons held?

Most couples prefer to learn their wedding dance in the comfort of their own homes and as we are a London based company we will travel anywhere within zones 1-6. If you would prefer to learn your routine in a dance studio or alternative venue, please let us know and we will do our very best to find a conveniently located studio for you. Should you choose to learn your dance in a studio, we also ask that you cover this additional cost.

How much space do we need?

Most average sized living rooms with the furniture pushed to the side are big enough to learn your first dance in. If you have chosen a genre that requires a great deal of movement across the floor such as the waltz, we are happy to teach you the basic movements at your home and then perhaps book a studio for your final hour's tuition so that you can practise your dance using all the space available to you.

We are ready to book our first dance lessons, how do we do this?

First of all, fill in the form on our enquiry page.  We will then be in touch, within 24 hours, to confirm our availability before we schedule in your lessons and organise payment for the lessons chosen.

We look forward to teaching you your first dance!

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