Zumba Fitness

Zumba is a dance based workout to the hottest Latin inspired Zumba rhythms and current commercial pop hits! You don't need to have any dance experience, just turn up and follow our lead - it's as easy as that. This is a fun, high stamina, energy filled class ...so come along and join the Zumba party!

Please note: This is a high impact class for adults over the age of 16 only.


Flowetic is a dance fitness class set to a soundtrack of wonderful music. It combines the elegance and fluid movements of dance alongside toning and stretching exercises. If you enjoy zumba and our aerobically driven classes but are looking for something a little bit different then this is the class for you. Benefits include: increasing range of movement, improving posture & alignment as well as relieving muscular tension. We recommend that you wear either traditional soft dance/ballet shoes or bare feet.


Yoga develops strength and balance as well as flexibility. The benefits of practicing Yoga include lowering blood pressure, increases strength and bone density and helps to reduce anxiety. This is a very special class and you will leave feeling stronger, happier and balanced.


This class begins with some challenging abs, a warm up and stretch before we start dancing. A new routine is taught every 2 weeks and ranges in style from commercial jazz, lyrical jazz, contemporary to hip hop and street dance. The choreography can be challenging but whether you are a complete beginner, or an experienced dancer - this class is for anyone who has ever wanted to learn how to really dance! 

Tone & Stretch

This class is a general toning class and comprises of a series of exercises designed to target abs, legs, bums and tums. The last 15 minutes of class is dedicated to relaxation and a long stretch ...perfect after a hard zumba class.  We recommend that you wear either traditional soft dance shoes or bare feet and also that you bring along a towel/mat with you for the floor work.


Uplifting and joyous dance classes for body, mind and soul! Without fail, the world seems that bit brighter after a Just Dance class, no matter what the day brings. Thanks for helping me get my fitness back, seeing me through pregnancy and helping me cope with the sleep deprivation!
— Tessa (Just Dancer)