Spotlight on ...Tash Williams

A couple of months ago I was chatting to Tash outside class and I moaned about how dark it was getting in the evenings, to which Tash responded, ‘Ah, but it’s still so warm!’. I laughed and agreed wholeheartedly that soaring temperatures at the end of September really was brilliant. Tash has this extraordinary ability to see the good in, well ...everything! So let’s get to know this all-smiling, half glass full optimist that is, Tash Williams, a little better.

6 Reasons to Cross Train

A couple of years into teaching zumba, I started cycling and Dom started regular training at her local swimming club and suddenly, as if by magic, the niggles and pains we had felt previously began to disappear. Six months after first discovering the term, ‘cross-training’, we taught our first ‘Flowetic’ class and we have been cross-training ever since.

Meet the newest member of the Just Dance UK team!

Our wonderful friend, Amelia Adrian, is about to start teaching yoga for us as part of the Just Dance UK timetable so we thought this would be a good opportunity to introduce her to those of you who haven’t yet had a chance to meet her. Amongst other things, Amelia is an actor, drama teacher, yoga instructor, mum and incredible cake-maker (you’ll have to trust us on that last one!).

New Year ...New You?

As the festive season approaches we are encouraged by the media to eat, drink, and be merry, and that's fine, we should all be allowed to treat ourselves. However, come January we are then made to feel bad about ‘over indulging’ and we’re bombarded with air brushed images of what they think we should look like and the newest diet trends of the year.

Flowetic …Welcome to the UK's newest dance fitness Programme

In the years we have been running Just Dance UK, we’ve watched hundreds of people apprehensively walk through the studio doors only to leave an hour later walking a little taller and looking a little happier with the world. Because irrespective of age or ability, that’s what dance and music does - and it was specifically these therapeutic benefits that got us thinking about creating Flowetic. 

This ain't no dance class. No, it isn't.

There’s a widely held notion within the fitness industry that dance classes are a somewhat toned down, softer version of the more traditionally accepted exercise methods. The slogan ‘this ain’t no dance class’ does nothing to quash that belief. Aside from the fact that the poster doesn’t tell me anything about what the class actually is, to belittle one class in a bid to advertise another is both ridiculous and mildly insulting.